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Here at Elite U, we provide Advanced Sports Performance & Fitness Training programs for athletes looking to take their performance to the next highest level. We specialize in advanced speed development, functional strength, core, power, mobility, agility, and recovery. We have a decade of experience working with youth, entry level athletes, high school ELITE, NCAA, NFL, MLB, as well as fitness enthusiasts. We customize specific programs by alligning our concepts with your individual goals, needs and performance visions. We use state of the art in advanced sports performance training technology and equipment to leverage and maximize your results. If you aren't will be!!!

Functional Strength Training
  • Maximize Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core strength for Sport specific movements

  • We combine a traditional approach to Olympic style movements with our unique modern innovative high intensity concepts.

  • We understand that the speed of sport has rapidly increased and continues to increase. So therefore we must prepare the body and central nervous system to sustain energy output while executing explosive movements. We train our athletes to set the tone of intensity against opponents. We are the standard!

 CORE Performance Training
  • Every athletic movement relies on core strength for optimal performance, speed, power, agility, and explosive movements. Core performance helps reduce and prevent injuries, which in-turn infuences athletic longevity. In our Core performance training programs, we concentrate on flexibility, range of motion, strength, and balance. Our Core performance program is highly favored amongst our athletes. If you are in MMA, Football, NFL, Combine Prep or require speed in your sport...then this Core Performance training is an element that you can't over look. 

Advanced Speed Development Training
  • Fast is Faster!! It is no longer effective to use traditional speed development methods as your main source of training. We specialize in advanced speed by leveraging science in terms of physics, biomechanics and athletic performance. In order produce elite level speed, we must train the body to both generate and leverage force within the elements of resistance, time and space. This is not easy to do outside of a specialized training program. If you are looking to drastically increase your speed or you feel that you have plateaued, then you can trust our specialized speed programs to help you.

Combine Testing and Analyzation
  • This is one of our more advanced level programs designed to expose and prepare athletes to combine testing elements. Combine testing is your identity as an athlete. If you are in high school looking to play in college, or in college looking to play in the pro's, then this program is essential. We test, analyze, and build programs for your specific sport elements. We provide our core performance and SSPARQ training programs in one package as well as official testing data for coaches and scouts.

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